Remote control

remote control

All controllers have either direct management by all functions, or through interface RS485 and protocol MODBUS, or if through Ethernet gateway, if it is present, and through connection to Internet network by means of web-interface.  


Server section is represented by Linux + Apache + MySQL + PHP


Interface for managing with any controller as separate device

In this mode each tab corresponds to separate controller. Here all settings and functions of each separate controller are combined.

Lighthing controller

Lighting and heating controller

Decorative lighting controller

Electric power supply controller

Ethernet gate

Water supply and irrigation controller


Audio player

Interface for managing with a few controllers with any configuration

In this mode is possible joining of any functions of any controllers by logical groups, for instance, light, temperature etc.

Garage - first floor

Review of parameters displayed in graphs

In this mode is possible a review of previously indicated parameters displayed in graphs for any period of time. For example, one can review graphs of temperature changes inside and outside the room, voltage and current drain in electrical supply network etc.

Charts of temperature

Review of events

In this mode is possible a review of previously indicated events and notification of them via e-mail. For example, at occurrence of opening of doors, triggering of motion sensors, activation of automatic irrigation, etc.